How Twitter Work

The Truth Behind Tweeter

You have never felt amusement if you have no idea what twitter is all about. Twitter has become the most controversial social media platform that has attracted a huge number of users. Due to lack of knowledge, most of the users are in constant conflicting wrangled with others for ignoring simple rules on how to use the platform.

With an account, one logs in to read incoming tweets which are usually in a constant auto update. The tweets are people’s updates that may be posts, videos photos or even ideas which come from the people you either follows or those who are following you.

For veteran users, these may be a common situation you are well aware of in your usual encounter but for new users, I find it necessary that you get to know this.

What is To Follow or To Be Followed?

One is required to have an account on the Twitter platform so as to enjoy accessing the tweeter updates. Once you have an account and logged in, you are required to follow families, friend or celebrities of your preference either by search or from the suggestion list as long as you find them as the people you are interested to find their updates. However, you as well can be followed by either friend or some people interested in doing so.


A tweet is a post in your updates list. Since Twitter is ever on a high rise every second, new tweets are destined to pop in every time you spend on that platform whether by refreshing or not.
Moreover, you as well can send tweets public for others to read. You are only required to click on a small box having a pen and you will be asked to write a statement or so after which you will be needed to send hence called “tweeting.” You as well can delete your tweet at your choice hence one can avoid any conflict in case of such a situation, one can delete a post by limiting the longevity of a tweet that may stir rage say, like in case of a defaming statement.

How to Stay Connected on Tweeter.

One requires considerable network so as to navigate through the platform with success since it at times become tricky doing so due to billions of user who at a time are in access to the tweeter. You can use either a phone or a desktop which is more preferred for its strong network. Twitter is accessible on google or even an application on mobile downloads or desktops for windows.Some Terms on tweeter.
Hashtag symbol # used before a particular topic of controversy say an environmental related topic. @ it is used to tag people in a post. Trending is to be the subject of controversy.Once you are done with twitter, you can click on your profile so that you are given an option log out for another day or you can choose to stay logged in in case the device is used by you alone.